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This is a podcast about roleplaying games, board games, and the Jewish demon queen, Agrat bat Mahlat, Terrible Be Her Name.
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Nov 21, 2016

Game Discussion
Using Rory’s Story Cubes to set up a game of Cheat Your Own Adventure (00:30)
Singularity (04:02)
Ocean City Interface (14:31)

Giving Me Life
Dog Eat Dog is available on DriveThru (24:15)
Open NSFW (27:09)
Gauntlet League Wrestling!!! (32:31)


Cheat Your Own Adventure

Dog Eat Dog



Nov 14, 2016

Game Discussion
Pasión de Pasiónes (00:13)
An assortment of thoughts about Masks (08:18)
Five Fires (14:43)
Worlds in Peril (29:52)

Giving Me Life
Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming blog (45:14)
Young Justice 3 (48:17)
Ginny Weasley is Not Impressed (49:19)
Dystopia Sylvester Stallone (50:29)

Upwind Quickstart

Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming

Ginny Weasley is Not Impressed

Oct 31, 2016

Game Discussion
Call of Cthulhu 7E (00:45)
The O Card (06:26)
A dog with a new collar (07:46)
Hitting all the moves in Masks (12:00)
Epyllion (20:56)
The King in Yellow RPG (25:05)

Giving Me Life
Getting ready for Dr. Tom Season 3 (37:59)
Halloween LARP (39:21)
Reading comics on the iPad (40:39)
Mr. Robot (42:23)

Upwind KS



Oct 22, 2016

Game Discussion
Announcement about Gauntlet Hangouts (00:25)
Andrea’s game inspired by the Siberia TV show (01:47)
Using Dark Depths to set up mystery games (07:38)
City of Mist (18:14)

Sponsorship Spot (34:19)

Giving Me Life
Randy M art (36:25)
Season 2 of Scream Queens (37:53)
Every Frame a Painting (39:04)

Randy M Patreon:
Dark Depths:
Prince Valiant Pre-Order:

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Oct 16, 2016

NOTE: Jason’s original audio got corrupted near the end of the show, which is why he sounds kind of strange in the last segment. 

Game Discussion
Dealing with overpowered character builds in Mutants & Masterminds (00:12)
Arguing about droid rights in Edge of the Empire (11:40)
Don’t Rest Your Head (15:42)
Left Coast (31:15)

Sponsor Segment
We introduce our new sponsor, Nocturnal Media! (41:36)

Giving Me Life
Rich hits the 10th rung of the Ladder of Insanity (45:36)
Postmodern Jukebox (48:55)
Xenoblade Chronicles X (50:12)
Keepers of the Gauntlet (53:06)


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Oct 9, 2016

Game Discussion
The Indie Hack (00:13)
Archipelago III (11:11)
Minnesota Long Con (18:27)
Godbound (20:00)
World Wide Wrestling (26:15)
Gauntlet Wrestling Federation (30:15)

Patreon talk (33:30)

Giving Me Life
Inspector Rutledge (43:10)
Curating a Bundle of Holding (44:10)
Pitch (44:35)
Gauntlet City Mascots (50:15)



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Oct 2, 2016

Game Discussion
Follow-up on Tweaks (00:12)
Millennium Blades (05:42)
Focusing on the side jobs in Ghost Lines (11:30)
Poverty in Ghost Lines (17:23)
Further thoughts on tremulus (20:11)
Jason embraces “rulings not rules” (24:09)

Giving Me Life
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (31:02)
Oktoberfest (34:00)
Postwar (35:01)
Codex - Chrome (36:07)

Ghost Lines stuff:

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Sep 26, 2016

Game Discussion
Follow-up on Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (00:13)
Godbound (06:55)
Managing expectations in The Sprawl (14:10)
Symbaroum (18:30)
Follow-up on Uncharted Worlds (25:16)
The Final Voyage of the Selene (39:44)

Giving Me Life
Saga series (46:50)
Fall is here! (48:34)
New JRPGs (49:53)
Dia De Los Muertos (51:07)



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Sep 18, 2016

Game Discussion
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (00:11)
Using goals in Wandering Monster High School to set-up table expectations (14:10)
tremulus (18:31)
Follow-up on Mutant: Year Zero (28:29)
Tweaks (35:53)
Orc Hospital (47:57)

Giving Me Life
Watching TV with the kiddo (55:52)
Detective Conan (57:44)
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 (1:00:01)



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Sep 11, 2016

Game Discussion
Mutant: Year Zero (00:13)
Shadows of Esteren and a weird move by the GM (06:00)
Dream Stories play by post (12:57)
Filthy Shades Cliché (19:25)
Rich hits rung 10 on the Ladder of Insanity! (22:26)
Assassins of the Golden Age (25:45)

Giving Me Life
Moving into a bigger place (31:20)
Getting the old college D&D group back together (31:58)
Wedding! (34:46)
Dragon Quest Heroes (35:56)



Lowell's blog

Andrea's blog


Sep 4, 2016

Game Discussion
The Black Hack (00:13)
Numenera (10:01)
Cold Soldier (16:40)
Sword the RPG (24:04)
Managing a sudden, undesirable shift in tone (28:03)
The usefulness of Roses & Thorns (30:00)
Atomic Highway (31:51)
Witch Quest (40:32)
Cosplaying over Hangouts (47:20)
Trusting your players to take the story to a cool place (50:31)
Palace Gates (52:53)

Giving Me Life
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (59:42)
Flyboys (1:01:40)
Cooking bao (01:03:33)
Final version of Codex - Blood available (01:04:12)


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Aug 28, 2016

Game Discussion
Resolving weird mechanical tensions in Monster of the Week (00:18)

Running a ‘prequel’ session of Edge of the Empire with Star Wars babies (!!!) (07:24)

Lady Blackbird and melting the special snowflakes (11:23)

One shots: the made-for-TV movie vs. the TV show pilot (16:18)

The Skeletons (18:55)

Failing forward in D&D (27:47)

Pulling a narrative bait & switch on your players (32:50)

Adapting some aspects of Beyond the Wall to PbtA games (41:59)

When OSR combat doesn’t match your pacifist setting (44:27)

Alienór (46:46)

Giving Me Life
Halloween Whiteboard (54:56)
MinnLoCo (56:54)
AW 2e PbP (57:32)
Love in the Time of Charity Games (58:23)

More Weirdness for Monster of the Week

Get Lady Blackbird

Buy The Skeletons

Buy Alienór

Halloween Whiteboard

Minneapolis Long Con

Love in the Time of Charity Games

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Aug 21, 2016

This week, Rich is joined by Andrea from the Ivory Thorns blog and Lowell from the Play on Target podcast. 

Game Discussion
A new campaign of Dungeon World (00:56)
Threadbare RPG and running sessions at GenCon Games on Demand (06:35)
Working on some GM techniques in Masks (12:03)
As a GM, how much do you plan ahead? (15:16)
Walk With Me (19:24)
Using Microscope and Masks to set-up a campaign of Mutants & Masterminds 3E (22:50)
John Wick’s Cat (29:06)

Giving Me Life
Persona 4 Golden (37:58)
New Girl (40:12)
Doctor Who (44:15)

Age of Ravens blog

Ivory Thorns blog


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Aug 14, 2016

Game Discussion
The Innocent playbook in Masks (00:12)
Making the story work when you have a new player in the group (06:06)
Playing a nice Brainer in Apocalypse World (09:59)
Necessary Evil (12:10)
Some general Savage Worlds talk (14:36)
Death Frost Dungeon World kickoff (17:40)
Monster of the Week and using questions directed at the players to paint the scene (19:18)
“I rolled a saving throw and I liked it” aka Beyond the Wall (27:05)
Knowing when to hit the fast forward button on your story (30:28)
Fiasco (33:56)
The Sharknado playset (36:32)
Play culture and managing expectations in Fiasco (39:00)
Misericord(e) (42:33)

Giving Me Life
RPG-a-Day 2016 (51:32)
Dungeon Meshi (53:44)
Simon’s Cat (54:50)
Stranger Things (55:56)


Simon’s Cat


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Aug 7, 2016

Game Discussion
Lady Blackbird musings (00:43)
Beyond the Wall & feminist fantasy (08:01)
Shadows of Esteren (14:11)
Carolina Death Crawl (22:36)
Witch: Fated Souls & rediscovering campaign-length play (28:48)
Apocalypse World & introducing tough themes to new players (33:03)
Downfall (40:58)
Wandering Monster High School (46:34)

Giving Me Life
The return of Yay (51:41)
AD&D syndicated radio pilot from the 80’s (54:01)
Tea! (56:20)
Codex - Blood is out! (58:02)


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Jul 31, 2016

Game Discussion
Curse of Strahd (01:12)
Dungeon Solitaire (05:56)
Running an old Dungeon module (10:56)
The Agency (15:58)
ICONS (22:04)
Crypts & Things (34:36)

Giving Me Life
DriveThru Christmas in July (45:12)
Overwatch (48:29)
Stop a Douchebag (51:28)



Andrea's blog:

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Jul 24, 2016

Game Discussion
Checking-in with your players via email (00:33)
Downtime moves and Uncharted Worlds (01:46)
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (04:53)
Scenario play in Lovecraftesque (12:49)
Fury of Dracula (18:49)
1%er and making the call on when to go to the dice or cut the scene (24:51)
Qin: The Warring States (31:06)
Pandemic: Legacy (37:27)
Paranormal Rescue Squad playtest (43:50)

Giving Me Life
Pokemon Go (52:33)
Re-watching the Siberia TV series (55:48)
Using your roommate’s cool stuff (58:56)
Pinball Arcade (59:54)

Andrea’s blog

Our website

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Jul 17, 2016

Game Discussion
Xia: Legends of a Drift System (00:13)
Sean Bean Quest and the limits of gonzo play (06:17)
Witch: Fated Souls (12:01)
Spyfall (21:13)
Mysterium Downloadable Content (25:45)
Pushing the poverty theme in Ghost Lines (28:56)
Dungeons & Dragons 5E (31:53)
Batman & Robin: Hot Guys Making Out (36:37)
The Beast (40:19)

Giving Me Life
The 50 Best Comedies Since the Year 2000 (45:23)
Setting up the game room (47:33)
Pokemon Go Carts (48:31)
Call for Codex submissions (49:44)



Tumblr-style page for Rich's Witch character


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Jul 10, 2016

Game Discussion
Two-page spread GM technique (00:14)
The Maroon Corps (03:12)
Grizzled card game (13:09)
Wrapping-up multiple storylines in a PbP (20:28)
Urban Shadows & Codex (23:55)
Follow-up on The Sprawl (26:19)
The Venture Brothers and The Final Girl (31:50)
Out of the Blue (36:46)

Giving Me Life
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (47:44)
Battle Bots (48:47)
Scott Selvidge’s Flags document (50:35)



Flags document


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Jul 3, 2016

Uncharted Worlds (00:16)
Khet/Deflexion (06:48)
The Woodlands (11:06)
Legend of the Elements (19:33)
Fuse (24:09)
Dungeons & Dragons 5E (27:57)
The Sprawl (32:11)
Jason’s note: I misspoke on this section. In fact, you get a die roll bonus for spending Intel, not Gear.

Giving Me Life
Cast a Deadly Spell (42:40)
100th RPG (44:06)
The Gauntlet family of podcasts (45:40)

Shadowrun video


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Jun 26, 2016


1%er - The Outlaw Biker Game (01:22)

Origins 2016 (08:57)

Urban Shadows (10:49)

ViewScream (17:47)

World Wide Wrestling (23:00)

Golden Sky Stories (25:55)

Zombie World (29:54)

Time Cellist (38:33)



Monsterhearts survey


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Jun 12, 2016

GM-less, play-by-post Monsterhearts (00:36)
Middle Earth gaming (07:29)
Battlestar World (15:33)
Blue Rose Dungeon World (24:37)
Sagas of the Icelanders (34:07)
Crowsmantle (38:36)

Giving Me Life
K-Pop (43:35)
Lucha Underground (46:59)
Gauntlet Hangouts numbers (49:40)

Drew’s Patreon

Sagas of the Icelanders

Our website:

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Jun 5, 2016

Crowsmantle (00:15)
Public Access (03:53)
Blue Rose (09:01)
Pandemic: Bio-Terrorist (19:37)
Touched by Evil (23:45)

Giving Me Life
A-Force comic (30:00)
Game of Thrones Season 6 (36:45)

Chuck Tingle (39:26) NSFW



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May 29, 2016

Bring Your Own Book (00:51)
Dungeon World (05:07)
Tokyo Brain Pop (07:27)
Imperial Assault (16:36)
Cheat Your Own Adventure (26:51)
Legend of the Elements (28:25)
Masks (31:33)
Doom (34:37)
Numenera (40:21)

Community Feedback
Gauntlet Portland (47:00)
Discern Realities (48:49)



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May 23, 2016

Dread (00:18)
Betrayal at House on the Hill (06:03)
Dungeon World (11:48)
Threadbare RPG (13:47)
Ugg-tect (21:18)
The Dig RPG (25:09)
Monsterhearts: Attention K-Mart Shoppers (31:05)
World of Dungeons, with a shout-out to Marshall Miller’s The Escape dungeon starter (39:05)
Dialect (43:30)

Community Feedback
The Final Girl is available for purchase again! (50:41)
Discern Realities contest (54:33)



Threadbare RPG Kickstarter




The Gauntlet


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